Wednesday, July 17, 2013

A brief introduction...


Since my first "post" was redirecting you to follow me on Bloglovin' I figured I should give a proper post as well. This is going to be kind of like a "Crash Course in Shelby" presented in list form. You know this is the internet, so in case you don't know me. Or maybe you want to know more about me. Anyway, I digress. On with it, right?

Things I am:
-A woman (a real shocker, I know).
-Sometimes loud.
-Not always confident.
-A Gemini.
-Usually "pale" and freckled (though now in the Midwest... not as much).
-Part-time Perfectionist.
-Lifetime learner.
-Future runner (I hope. I used to be. I'd like to be again...).
-NOT a girly-girl.
-At times a walking contradiction.
-A 'fixer.'
-A dancer.
-A planner.
-Right-Brained and Left-Brained all at once.
-Someone who is working on body image issues.
-Cancer hater (I think it is okay to use the word 'hate(r)' in this instance).

Things I am not:
-A morning person (I'd like to be one).

Things I love:
-My husband, Ryan.
-My family.
-My friends.
-Solo dance parties in my apartment.
-Tea in fancy teacups.
-Good coffee.
-Good books.
-Trying new kinds of food.
-Seattle & the Pacific Northwest.
-Being a foodie.
-Most anything craft-oriented.
-To make silly voices.
-Dinners with friends.
-Anything with friends, really.

Odds and Ends?
-I hate pickles. And tomatoes. You can blame being forced to eat them.
-I love any tomato product which is cooked... as in salsa, ketchup, tomato sauce, sun-dried tomatoes... and so on.
-My eyes are both blue and green. Outside blue, around the pupil green. I literally have half of each of my parent's eye colors.
-Really interested in Ancestry. And creating a family tree. I have so far traced direct relatives of mine back to Finland, Norway, England, Ireland, and counting. As well as Native American.
-I've had stitches twice in my life. Both times, on my face.

Hey, look! You made it to the end. Congratulations! That was quite a whirlwind tour.

Until next time, keep smiling. It keeps them guessing. : )



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